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Phi Brain [ Subtitle Indonesia ]

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Phi Brain [ Subtitle Indonesia ] Completed 1 – 25 Episode

Type: TV Series

Episodes: 25 Episode

Status: Completed

Genre : Action, Game

Rating : 7.34 ( )

Subtitle : Indonesia

Credits : Jalsubs & Kazesubs

Kaito Daimon would be a completely average high school student except for one thing: he’s a ‘demon’ at solving puzzles. Kaito is so brilliant, in fact, that when he’s asked to take some ‘special’ tests of his unique ability, he immediately suspects that the test itself is a test. Kaito suddenly finds himself caught up in a lethal Philosopher’s Puzzle made by the sinister group POG, a murderous maze of trap upon trap, where failing to solve the secret correctly will result in death! Fortunately, Kaito’s skills prove up to the first test, both for himself and his childhood friend Nanoha, who is also caught up in the deadly scheme. But now that he has been designated as a Solver, he is pulled into a new life where he must travel the world with other Solvers, attempting to solve the latest deadly riddles left by POG. There’s a new conundrum around every corner and each deception could lead to death, but once a riddle has been posed, you can count on Kaito to unfold, unravel and unlock it!

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13 Komentar untuk Phi Brain [ Subtitle Indonesia ]
  1. tosiro says:

    ada yg baru nih.. hehehe..

  2. Afdal says:

    akhirnya muncul juga.
    makasih yaa ,
    lanjut truss episode nya gan

  3. andrie_mozi says:

    yang sinopsis indo nya mana kk ???

  4. kevkev says:

    lanjutin donk..phi brainnya seru nie…mantap!!..thx for uploader… :)GBU

  5. mugmug says:

    kk, episode 1 subtitlenya kaga keluar ya ?

  6. ray says:

    waduuhh ,,,

    sebagian besar file dah d suspended ma MF ,,:nohope

    tolong penccerahan nya :mewek :thumbup

  7. azhar husain says:

    Tolong di Re-Upload gan…

  8. saito says:

    min tolong donk di cek link2 animeny dh banyk bener yg mati

  9. allelujah says:

    bang, re-upload dong….., pengen liat anime ini

  10. dulgo says:

    wah erno nih,reupload donk seru nih anime

  11. baculmintz says:

    gan phi brain nya di reupload donkkk… klo bisa ke lokal jangan main di MF lagi, kena band mulu disana… trimsss :2thumbup

  12. ilung says:

    admin tolong di Re-Upload,… belum sempat download,… trims,…

  13. tendou says:

    Tolong di reupload dong min..

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